Graph of Daily Quests with estimation of how easy, fast and luck based the Daily Quest is. Daily Quests reward you with 50-100 V-Bucks and 100 Daily Coins. Daily Quests are very rarely done on a single mission. You will automatically acquire Daily Quest every day after completing the tutorial when logging in. You can replace a Daily Quest with another once a day. Use the graph below to determine if your Daily Quest is worth to keep!

New types of Daily Quests were added in 12.20 update on March 17. Zone-specific Mission Specialist quests were removed but class-based ones now got 60 V-Bucks as the reward.

  • Exploration Party – Fully explore 3 zones in successful missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Mission Specialist (Any Hero) – Complete 3 missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Mission Veteran (Any Hero) – Complete 5 missions: 100 V-Bucks and 400 gold
  • Playing It Safe – Loot a Safe in a successful mission: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Lost Treasures – Loot 5 Treasure Chests in successful missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold


Daily Destroy Quests are doable by your teammates. Informing the others at the beginng of the mission to destroy all the TVs may help you complete the Daily Destroy Quest. You will see a yellow outline on your Daily Destroy Quest objects as well as yellow exclamation mark on the minimap when you or your teammates are near them. Go to the area what is said on the description for the best results. Avoid forest and grassland areas as they only have a few objects. You can preview the object you need to destroy by choosing the Daily Quest and pressing “Replay Intro”.

Daily Discovery Quests were added in patch V.1.10. Explore the zones to find specific locations. You need to enter the location by yourself because team mate found locations do not count.

In Husk Extermination Quests you need to kill husks or damage them before slain. You will progress on your Husk Extermination Quest if your teammate finishes the husk of any type or the mist monster you have damaged. The Quest can be done on any difficulty and in any zone or even Storm Shield Defenses.

Patch V.1.11 removed A Little Van That Could, Gate Crasher (Storm Chaser) and Data Retrieval from the Daily Quest pool as well as added Daily Coins to all Daily Quest rewards.

Patch v4.3 (May 30th) added new Husk Extermination (Melee, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Pistol and Trap) and “Build the Radar Tower” daily quests. The patch also lowered objective counts required for specific Destroy, Discovery, and Extermination Daily Quests.

Keep in mind that all the Daily Quests can be done on any difficulty. The Battle Royale game mode has it’s own separate Daily Quests which reward no V-Bucks. For more tips and tricks see the tips page.